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Part One - The Perfect Person

Watch video 1 above and talk about it with a FCA group or leader in your life.

All of us in one way or another are waiting or searching for perfection. We are waiting for a partner for life, an answer to our need for companionship, and someone who will make us feel the way we have dreamed of feeling our whole lives. A desire for companionship is from God. According to Genesis 2:18, “It is not good for man to be alone…” God created us with an innate desire to be in relationship and to live life with other people. For many of us that desire expresses itself through a hunger for a romantic relationship, a powerful human connection beyond words. Let’s explore this very real desire for love, connectivity, joy, and fulfillment, and maybe how we have gotten it twisted... There’s a big difference between a companion and a provider... Read more...


  1. What physical and emotional qualities are people looking for that perfect person to have?
  2. Guys – What does culture say “her” physical beauty would add to your value as a man? Who would that met expectation really be benefitting?
  3. Ladies – How does culture say “his” affection should make you feel as a woman? Who receives more benefit from that, you or him? Read more...

Part Two - What I Already Have

Watch video 2 above and talk about it with a FCA group or leader in your life.

Many of us never properly identify why  we are searching for a perfect person. It’s too easy to look for our God-given needs to be met in “the one” without looking at the “One,” namely Jesus Christ. Yes, a romantic relationship does have a Biblical purpose... However, a romantic relationship is NOT designed by God to meet our deepest needs. God, who passionately loves us, reserves the meeting of those needs for Himself. Read more...


  1. According to the summary, what is a romantic relationship for? What is it not for?
  2. How could using a romantic relationship for something it’s not intended for (like meeting our deepest needs) hurt us or the other person? Read more...

Part Three - A strategy for dating and singleness

Watch the video 3 above and talk about it with a FCA group or leader in your life.

It’s easy to feel like we are on the outside looking in on those who seem to be “ahead” in the next chapter of life. If we aren’t careful, we will try to escape and can make an idol out of finding the perfect person, disregarding the value of where God has us now. It is critical that we involve the Lord in our singleness and dating! So how do we take advantage of the gift of singleness, actively wait, allowing God to handle our hearts? Read more...


  1. What need do most people look for a relationship to provide, but only God can?
  2. How will you guard a Biblical view of relationships from culture? From yourself? Read more...